About Us
Founded in 1999, Miotix Applications has been a leading company in the fields of web development, cellular web based applications, 2D animation, design and brand development. Miotix Applications was formerly known as Mushroom Interactive and has operated under that name until 2006, when the company name was changed to Miotix Applications.

Miotix Applications specializes in two main fields, design and web development:

Miotix Applications is a leading design firm, specializing in various medias – web / GUI (graphic user interface), television and print. The company also focuses on creating full logo and identity solutions, complete with a website and all necessary printed materials such as: business cards, stationary, envelopes, brochures, posters, packaging and more.

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In addition to design, Miotix Applications is a web development firm, specializing in various technologies. Based on the client’s needs, we select the most appropriate technology for each specific project development. The company has also been involved in numerous projects for companies in various fiels of industry, including several major cellular development projects over the years.

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