A unique development by Miotix
A web based module for viewing online documents

One of our interesting developments is a web based module for viewing big size documents and books in a very interactive way.
This interface allowing the viewer to flip pages, zoom, link areas to an outside URL, table of contents, printing document or a specific page, downloading the whole file and other features.
A very useful feature is the ability to link from the website to a specific page in the document.
This module handles even very big documents in a WORD, PDF, Powerpoint, scanned documents and others, uploading pages gradually in the background, so that the user does not wait for the content to appear.

Several examples…
Various documents for the Yarqon River Authority – View publications page
Master-plan for the Yarqon River Authority – View document
An art book for the artist Leon Bronstein – View Book
Master-plan for the Kidron Basin – View Document
PowerPoint slideshows for the Yarkon Drainage Authority converted into an interactive book – View Document