A unique development by Miotix
A web based component for interactive complex layered maps with points of interest

While developing this module we took into consideration the fact that this is a web based solution and as such, the uploading speed, user friendly interface, interest, the amount of data displayed and its quality are all very important.
The needs and demands are changing rapidly that’s why this module is undergoing constant development.

Who is it for?
The interactive maps solutions is best for any kind of organization, authority or company interested in showing a map with interactive abilities / information layers / points of interest and more. Including zoom and pan abilities, clicking a point of interest can zoom to the location, show text, images, video and URL links.

Several examples…
Travelers map for the Yarqon River Authority – View map
Yarkon Drainage Authority main map – View map
Ariel Sharon Park trail map (for the Yarkon Drainage Authority) – View map
Kidron Basin map (for the Dead Sea Drainage Authority) – View map

interested in this service?
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