Miotix creates a complete custom tailored product.
Creating a company logo or a full identity is actually a methodical process.
This process is constructed from several steps…

Business Profiling
Working with the client to understand the direction and the general idea the client has in mind.
We then take into consideration the exact field of expertize and the client’s target demographics – who is the client trying to attract?
Following the process of profiling the client, we construct an initial “blue print” which fits the needs and expectations of both the client and the client’s potential audience.

Understanding what the logo or complete identity is meant to symbolize, the initial “blue print” is a creative symbolization of the client’s objectives.
The client’s input is taken into consideration; this may include visual directions, color schemes and any other general ideas the client might have.

Concept & Execution
Creating a complete concept from a wide range of details gathered in the previous steps.
We now design several prototypes of the future logo, and the client selects a single design.
For an identity order, we continue to develop the selected design into a uniform identity.

This identity may include:

  • Printed materials – business cards, brochures, posters, stationary, envelopes etc.
  • Promotional products – packaging, merchandise, gadgets and gimmicks.
  • Web design – a full website development and design. More about this process…

Our goal is to create a full visual identity for the client.
This step might include some fine tuning until the product is complete and the client is fully satisfied.

Now you have the final design, and its delivery time!
We deliver the final files in several major formats, high quality and high resolution enabling the client to use the product.

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