Miotix creates a complete custom tailored product.
Designing and developing websites, web based systems and applications.
This process is constructed from several steps…

Business Profiling
Working with the client to understand the direction and the general idea the client has in mind.
We then take into consideration the exact field of expertize and the client’s target demographics – who is the client trying to attract?
Following the process of profiling the client, we construct an initial “blue print” which fits the needs and expectations of both the client and the client’s potential audience.

Functional requirements
Understanding the necessary type of web product – promotional, presentational, service providing, pruducts promotion, e-commerce and others.
Next, are the decisions regarding the amount of content needed – topics, categories, divisions and basic structures. The importance of each category is taken into consideration and a hierarchy of categories is built, this is done in order to present the website/application/system in the best possible form.
This step is crucial in obtaining a clear “big picture” of how the product is going to look. This provides the fundamental structure on which the entire interface design is based.

Technical Layout
After defining the basic structural and functional requirements in the previous step, we now need to determine the detailed technical layout of the product. This process gives a comprehensive outline of every detail in the product – flow charts, screen layout, database etc. This step is an in-depth technical specification of all the elements needed to construct the product. However, it is important to understand that when building small websites this step is not always necessary and can be omitted.

The design should always be based on the logo and identity of the client / company, this is important for creating a uniform visual image of the products. In case the client does not have an identity / logo, we will first target these prior to building a web design. The website will be constructed according to the client’s guidelines, we always keep the client involved in the decision making process.
After receiving several visual examples, the client will chose a single design. This choice will be the base on which the entire website will be designed upon; some refining and fine tuning are done to ensure the best possible product.

At this stage we use the chosen technology, the structure needed and all other input to write the actual code creating the website functionality and structure.
Sometimes it is most suitable to use an open source content management and publishing system platforms:

Other times we use scripting languages:

Integrating the Design into the Code
After completing the design and most of the development, we integrate the design into the code. This step means that the website can now be uploaded to a server for testing. When the testing is complete, the actual content can be uploaded to the website and the client is asked to review this final beta-version. If necessary, final adjustments are made in order to finalize the product.

Final Delivery
After the client’s approval, the product is officially uploaded to the production server and is visible on-line.

+ Providing a one-stop-shop Solutions
In addition, Miotix Applications provides a complete range of web solutions concerning your product – purchasing your domain name, hosting your website, year-round maintenance, e-mail service and more.

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